Unify Your CRM, Accounting
and Finance on a Single Platform
Eliminate manual tasks, automate processes, and gain
360-degree view of your customer relationship 
by unifying accounting and finance into Salesforce.
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Accounting for Salesforce

Do you want to speed up processes while streamlining your finances? Accounting on Salesforce unites your team on a single platform and automates finance processes. Reduce manual work, increase collaboration and productivity by unifying your accounting with Salesforce.








Benefits of Accounting for Salesforce

Wherever you are in your journey with Salesforce, you are in the right place for improvements. This e-book shares the significant benefits of accounting on Salesforce for your business. Download it now and start your journey to process improvements to be gained from accounting on Salesforce.

Benefits of Accounting For Salesforce
10 Accounting Processes That Run Better On Salesforce

10 Accounting Processes That Run Better on Salesforce

If you`re interested in optimising your usage of Salesforce to maximise your return on investment, you can benefit from accounting apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange. You can find a finance app that meets your specific requirements to suit your size of company and fits your budget. In this e-book, we have listed 10 accounting processes that run seamlessly on Salesforce for you to evaluate better the benefits of accounting on Salesforce.

How To Choose Accounting For Salesforce

Salesforce is an excellent CRM platform; however, it is not a comprehensive financial system on its own. Therefore, combining Salesforce CRM with finance dedicated software helps businesses to simplify financial processes and automates manual accounting tasks. When planning financial improvement with Salesforce, businesses must determine specific criteria and compare the features and benefits of each accounting software. Let us help you, and check our tips listed in this e-book. Get ready to transform your business.

How To Choose Accounting Software for Salesforce

Zumzum Financials

Built 100% native on the Salesforce platform, Zumzum Financials is a comprehensive SMB accounting software. Zumzum Financials delivers dramatic increases in productivity and collaboration by eliminating manual tasks and breaking down data silos. Connect your people and gain a 360-degree view of your customer relationship with real-time analytics. Streamline financial processes from regular bookkeeping processes to simplifying complex tasks.


Faster Order-2-Cash Processes

Quickly convert opportunities to orders or invoices, automatically send invoice payment reminders and allocate customer payments to your bank accounts, all from within Salesforce.


A Single 360 Degree View

A single set of data for sales, ordering, billing and finance means information flows faster to the people who need it, without the need to manage multiple systems.


Real Time Analytics

Blend sales and finance data in the same screens your user use today and create custom reports or dashboards to view real-time analytics of your key performance metrics.

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